8 Films That Are Worth Watching For The Cinematography Alone

8) Pulp Fiction


It can be debated wether or not this is Quentin Tarantino’s greatest film (I mean, all of his movies are great, but this one stands out), but no one ever talks about how Pulp Fiction looks. It has a unique aesthetic that can still catch your eye even in the year 2015. It almost has a slight noir hint to it even though it’s not in the standard B&W that you would see with most efforts in the genre.

The saturation is also handled perfectly as well, as only primary colors pop, and the muted colors don’t catch your attention nearly as much.

Pulp Fiction 2

One of my all time favorite scenes in the film, and I know this may come off as very typical, is the scene between Jules and Pumpkin, as they sit across from each other at a diner table and Jules points a .45 caliber automatic pistol in his face. The whole set-up just adds to the exchange the characters have, and what makes the scene even more memorable is how it was shot. It’s absolutely beautiful, and if you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend you watch it.