Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Puts Tom Cruise Back In The Cockpit


Over three decades after Top Gun captivated audiences across the nation, Tom Cruise is back in the pilot’s seat for the long-awaited follow-up. The first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick dropped today and it looks like the beloved hotshot is picking up exactly where he left off.

The two-minute teaser is mostly filled with grilling action sequences that will excite fans without giving away too much of the plot. Practically all of the scenes focus on the titular protagonist portrayed by Cruise doing awesome things in midair. There isn’t much dialogue throughout the preview, but from what’s there, Ed Harris’s character ends up with the majority of the lines.

Little is known about the sequel so far and this brief compilation of clips does a good job in not giving anything away. It’s already been revealed though that the plot will involve Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as the new flight instructor of the eponymous Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School. It’s there that he assists a young man named Bradley in his quest to become a pilot. It just so happens that this aspiring airman is also the son of Maverick’s close friend Goose, who met his untimely end in the original film.

While the trailer primarily features Cruise and Harris, there are also a few brief glimpses into the rest of this star-studded cast. Miles Teller, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm and more are all set to appear in the movie and watchful viewers will notice that all five of these performers show up momentarily towards the teaser’s conclusion.

It remains to be seen if the sequel lives up to the legendary status of the original, though Connelly has said on the record that it will. And if the first trailer’s any indication, she may be right. At the very least, these two minutes prove that macho man Tom Cruise could definitely kick Justin Bieber’s ass. But everyone already knew that, right?

Top Gun: Maverick will fly into theaters on June 26th, 2020.