New Trailer For Justin Bieber’s Believe Attempts To Repair His Image


A new trailer for Justin Bieber’s Believe has hit the web today in advance of the film’s Christmas release date and this time, it appears that the Biebs is trying to repair his image a bit. Not quite the golden boy that he once was, the teenage pop sensation has been receiving his fair share of negative press lately, be it for sleeping with hookers, getting detained at airports, abusing photographers and more. Now, however, with his upcoming film, Bieber hopes that he can reverse the negative feelings that some are starting to have for him.

In this new trailer, which you can view below, we see the pop star telling his side of the story and proclaiming that if we see it from his perspective, we’ll realize that he’s a good person. Mix that all in with some concert footage, behind the scenes clips and interviews with the star himself, and you have a pretty convincing case for why we should all still “believe” in Justin Bieber.

Though it’s safe to say that the media presents a pretty one sided view of celebrities, and that their lives aren’t always as glamorous as they are made out to be, it’s hard to argue that in recent years Justin Bieber has been on his best behaviour. He seems to be growing up rather quickly and and the fame and power is no doubt getting to his head. He’s done almost a complete turnaround in the type of music he’s making and he seems to be going for a very different look/image than he was when he first started off.

Whether or not Justin Bieber’s Believe does anything to change how people view him remains to be seen, but due to the fact that there are still millions and millions of diehard Beliebers out there, it’s obvious that this movie is going to make the Canadian singer a hefty sum of money, which is likely the end goal for all involved in this film anyways.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you still believe in Justin.