Trailer For Mexican Thriller Miss Bala

Wow, is all I can really say after watching the trailer for director Gerardo Naranjo‘s Mexican thriller titled Miss Bala. The film follows a beauty queen (Stephanie Sigman) as she gets unwillingly tossed into the underground world of drug trafficking.

It was just picked up by Fox International, which is why The Film Stage has provided us with this brand new trailer that lets us see the night and day difference between beauty pageants and drug smuggling!

I think the film sounds like a wild, yet very important picture. Mexico has been known for its corruption and problems with illegal drug trading and money laundering and the film looks like it certainly will be tackling these problems, but with a shockingly unexpected heroine. I hope the film ends up as gripping as the trailer.

Miss Bala is due to hit Mexico sometime in September of this year with a limited U.S. release to follow on October 14th.

Check out the trailer below.

One of the most exciting young talents around, the Mexican director Gerardo Naranjo approaches the hot-button topic of drug violence through the perspective of an unlikely, unwitting heroine: a Tijuana beauty pageant contestant (Stephanie Sigman) who stumbles into the path of ruthless cartel operatives and corrupt officials. Although inspired by a true story, Miss Bala avoids docudrama cliches and tabloid sensationalism, and instead evokes the pervasive climate of fear and confusion that has enveloped daily life in some increasingly lawless pockets of northern Mexico. Using long takes and fluid, precise camera work, Naranjo fashions a highly original thriller: an anguished and harrowing mood piece with an undertow of bleakly absurdist humor and moments of heart-stopping action.