‘Train to Busan’ director teases a 3rd movie in the franchise

Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan was a hot topic of conversation among fans recently, but it had nothing to do with the merits of the 2016 action horror that scored widespread acclaim from critics and became an international phenomenon after exploding onto the scene in bloody fashion.

Instead, Twitter lambasted the American remake that’s been in development for a good couple of years now, one that’s reportedly going by the title of Last Train to New York. It’s pretty safe to say that any new spin on the original isn’t going to be anywhere as good, so it feels like an exercise in all-round creative bankruptcy.

If you want to see more of Train to Busan, then simply check out sequel Peninsula to scratch that itch, but in an interview with Variety, Sang-ho teased that he might even be cooking up a third installment in the series.

“There are a lot of ideas I’ve been tossing around but I personally think that for Train to Busan, I would like to continue that as a film series. In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable to create a series in the Korean language with visuals that are comparable to Train to Busan the film and also, you know, I have to work with the distributor that we started on the original film as well.

So I think taking into consideration all of those conditions, a film series would be the most feasible. I would say that – in terms of that universe – they’ll all become related together. Peninsula was a post-apocalyptic film that focused on the car chases. The story that I’m thinking about after that would be closer to Train to Busan, where the story will be carried out in a small and restricted space. That’s something that I have in mind currently. So in terms of the genre, you could say that it’s between Train to Busan and Peninsula.”


The filmmaker recently saw supernatural horror Hellbound drop on Netflix, where it’s been nestled comfortably in the Top 10 most-watched list since arriving last week, and with the sixth and final episode ending on a cliffhanger we’re hoping the streaming service gives a second season the green light in short order. That being said, fans would gladly take another Train to Busan with Sang-ho at the helm.