Unnecessary ‘Training Day’ prequel moving forward at Warner Bros.

Training Day

A prequel to the Academy Award-winning film Training Day is moving forward at Warner Bros, thanks to some financial help in the form of California tax credits.

Variety is reporting that the California Film Commission announced a round of $149.2 tax credits for movies recently, and that the new movie, called Training Day: Day of the Riot is getting $9.1 million of that.

The new Training Day movie was announced back in 2019. It’s set almost a decade before the events of the original, and two days prior to the historic Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles. Those events led to city-wide riots, and it looks like the prequel will be set around those particular circumstances.

training day

The Day of the Riot will start a younger version of Alonzo Harris, an iconic role that won Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor in 2001. It was Washington’s second golden baldie – he got the first for portraying Private Silas Trip in Glory, a movie about the Civil War.

The first movie was a huge hit, with co-star Ethan Hawke was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Nick Yarborough, an up-and-coming screenwriter, is reportedly penning the movie. No casting choices have been announced, but Washington’s son John David Washington’s name has been thrown around as a possible lead.