Tremors 7 Script Is Finished And Ready To Move Into Full Production


The original Tremors was one of the finer creature features of the early 1990s. After a brief but successful run in cinemas, it went on to sit proudly on video rental shelves up and down the nation, delighting those who just wanted good, solid monster movie action. Since then, we’ve had five sequels of varying levels of quality, and now it sounds as if we’ll soon get our peepers on Tremors 7.

First announced by perennial cast member Michael Gross (who plays weapons enthusiast Burt Gummer) back in December, he explained the following at the time:

“Tremors fans will be delighted to know I have just agreed to the terms of a contract for a SEVENTH film. My best estimate is that Burt Gummer will begin his hunt for Graboids and other nefarious forms of wildlife in the fall of 2019.”

Now, he’s given us a further update on the situation, saying:

“Burt Gummer and Tremors fans will want to know I read the first draft of Tremors 7 this weekend, and it is not shit! Lots of good stuff and good ideas from our initial story conferences at Universal Pictures, but still much to do to get it just right.”

Well, it’s a huge relief to know that it’s not shit. I mean, I kind of enjoyed last year’s Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, which switched up the setting to the Arctic, and Gummer was as reliably over-the-top as ever. But even so, it didn’t hold a candle to the original. Still, with Universal already planning a further entry in the franchise just over a year from that release, it proves that there’s still definite signs of life in this long-running property.

That’ll surely please fans, too, particularly those still sore that Syfy chose not to move ahead with the Tremors TV show last year. The series hoped to reunite the original stars Kevin Bacon and Burt Ward, but after a pilot was produced, the network decided not to pick it up. Even worse is that right now, there’s no way to watch the episode and see Bacon back in his dusty cowboy gear as Valentine. Maybe one day it’ll leak, but for now, we can only imagine how awesome it might’ve been.