Matt Reeves And WB Have Yet To Meet With Actors For The Batman

Justice-League-Batman-Ben-Affleck (1)

Now that Ben Affleck has officially vacated the role of the Caped Crusader, the subject regarding whomever will inherit the mantle in The Batman has become the talk of Tinseltown and the geek community alike. Seeing as how this particular pop culture icon is recast periodically just as Superman and James Bond are, it’s only understandable that a high level of excitement surrounds the issue.

As to whom will fill the coveted slot, well, your guess is as good as mine. In recent weeks, it was said that Armie Hammer (who’d previously been cast as Batman in the ill-fated Justice League Mortal) was in final talks for the role, but that notion was swiftly shot down – and it certainly didn’t help matters when he himself said he’d yet to be approached. Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, is another name that’s come up often, but it’s not like he’s signed on the dotted line, either.

To my surprise, The Hollywood Reporter has now chimed in by saying that director Matt Reeves has yet to meet with any actor for the project. Of course, this will likely change very soon because not only is he going to need to cast the hero of the piece, but there are various other supporting roles to consider – including a rogues gallery of villains, apparently.

If there’s anything the new report has in common with latest chatter, it’s that Reeves is looking for an actor in their late twenties. Personally, I think someone like the 32-year-old Hammer is capable of playing slightly younger, and I’m admitting here that he’s my own top choice. Then again, the decision isn’t up to me.

No matter if the studio places their chips on either Hammer or Pattinson, someone will be given top billing in The Batman before long because, don’t forget, it’s been granted an opening date of June 25th, 2021. Taking that into consideration, one would think it’s only a matter of time before cameras begin rolling.

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