‘Twilight’ star pitches a spinoff inspired by ‘X-Men’ storyline

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It’s been a decade since The Twilight Saga ended with the second part of Breaking Dawn, but the franchise has experienced a significant uptick in popularity recently.

Author Stephenie Meyer’s novel Midnight Sun stirred up feelings in longtime fans they hadn’t experienced for a long time, while the entire five-film series being added to Netflix saw the string of literary adaptations seize the cultural conversation in a fashion reminiscent of its initial popularity.

Even though it’s impossible to imagine Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart getting involved in any prospective continuation of the series, co-star Jackson Rathbone has floated an interesting idea in an interview with CBR, pitching a storyline that’s directly influenced and inspired by X-Men comic book storyline Decimation.

“That’s funny because I’ve actually talked to some of my co-stars about it recently — Ashley Greene Kellan Lutz and I did a fan convention together in Chicago… Let me preface this by saying I’m a comic book nerd. I grew up on X-Men, and one of my favorite comic storylines is when the X-Men all lose their powers, so I thought that would be a fascinating element to see what would happen like that in the Twilight [film] universe.

If a vampire came about that could strip every one of their pure powers, and suddenly the playing field was leveled, and you have all the vampires on the run from the government to kind of tie it into a more supernatural sense of vampires being hunted. Going from the apex predator to no longer the apex predator and seeing how that would affect the Cullens. I thought that would be a fantastic storyline to explore in the future.”

If there’s money to be made and an appetite for people to see it, then you can bet on a Twilight reboot, revival, or something similar being given the green light eventually, especially when modern audiences show no signs of losing their voracious appetite for nostalgia.

Several legacy players sound as though they’d be keen to get involved, so don’t bet against at least a handful of the sparkly vampires that generated so much fervor making their way back to our screens in some capacity one day.

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