Twitter Bots Are Being Used To Attack Sony Over Spider-Man Fiasco


There’s no doubt that a lot of people are upset over the possibility that Spider-Man might never be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. In the days since news broke that Disney and Sony had separated over a financial dispute, social media has erupted in a storm of pointed fingers and cross hashtags.

One such hashtag, #SaveSpiderManFromSony, has picked up a lot of steam recently. But looking a little bit deeper into it, many of the accounts voicing their frustration seem to be Twitter bots.

As you can see from the Tweet down below, numerous accounts are parroting nearly identical messages about the fiasco, all of them voicing concern over Sony’s ability to handle the franchise.

While this could be a ploy to bend Sony into making amends with the House of Mouse, the effort’s a bit redundant. The studio’s official response earlier this week made it clear that they’re open to renegotiating – but the 50/50 split of profits that Disney had been demanding for all future Spider-Man films was too much for Sony to bear.

Rumors have since circulated though that indicate Disney may be knee-deep in fixing this mess with the Spidey owner. The speculated deal includes a 30% take on grosses, as well as a six-film agreement – including an option for a seventh – with Tom Holland, and the introduction of Venom into the MCU.

While nothing is confirmed just yet, and Holland’s Peter Parker is, at this moment, the exclusive property of Sony Pictures, Disney reportedly hopes to cap off this tumultuous week and the D23 expo with some good news regarding Spider-Man. And for any update that may come this weekend, be sure to stay tuned to We Got This Covered.