The Internet Wants Nicolas Cage To Be The Next Superman


While the announcement that Henry Cavill would be stepping down from his role as Superman left many a DC fan feeling disappointed, some are choosing to stay optimistic, and suggesting that now might finally be the time for the legendary Nicolas Cage to assume the role.

As the actor who named his son Kal-El, it’s no secret that Cage is a fan of the Man of Steel, and there was once a time when it looked like he would be donning the red cape himself. For those unaware of this strange saga from the ‘90s, Superman Lives was a cancelled film that was to be directed by Tim Burton, written by Kevin Smith, and featured the endlessly meme-able star in the title role. Evidently, the movie never came into existence, but the film’s journey through development hell was interesting enough to spawn a movie in itself, with the documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? releasing in 2015 to strong reviews.

Since this curious project fell through, the role of Clark Kent has been played by Brandon Routh in 2006’s Superman Returns, as well as Cavill in more recent releases. Meanwhile, Cage got to be Ghost Rider for two movies, so we’ll leave it to you to decide who received the better deal. Now that Cavill’s seemingly out of the picture though, some fans on Twitter feel that the time’s right for Cage to finally stake his claim on the character.

As hilarious as this sounds, the sad truth is that Cage’s stint as Superman is unlikely to go beyond his voice role in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Now, Michael B. Jordan on the other hand…