‘Uncharted’ holding stronger than expected at the box office


Having opened well above projections last weekend, Uncharted is continuing on in that vein as it heads towards a much stronger hold at the top of the box office than estimates were predicting.

The latest blockbuster video game adaptation to be derided by critics but lauded by fans is on course for a $23 million haul, which would bring the movie’s running domestic total up to a decent $83 million or so. Should Tom Holland’s globetrotting adventure post another solid frame overseas, then it could be within touching distance of $200 million worldwide by the end of tomorrow.

Given that Sony touted Uncharted as the beginning of a new franchise, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Ruben Fleischer’s middling actioner is going to be a one-and-done endeavor. Of course, Nathan Drake’s live-action debut should enjoy the spotlight while it lasts, because nobody’s going to be talking about the film this time next week.

The Batman is poised to explode out of the blocks to become 2022’s biggest hit in a matter of days, and it’s aiming for almost the exact same audience as Uncharted, so it would be reasonable to expect the current number one title to begin fading from the public consciousness once Robert Pattinson’s rebooted Dark Knight arrives on the scene.