‘Uncharted’ IMAX poster teases the film’s flurry of locations


As those who’ve played the Uncharted games on PlayStation will tell you, the adventurous nature of the gameplay and its narrative is expressed in an impressive set of locations across the world. Now, it seems that the long-anticipated live-action adaptation, starring Tom Holland as the infamous treasure thief, will also follow in those footsteps.

The final trailer included numerous set pieces that all looked monumentous in their own right. But if you’re wondering just how many locations the film will visit, then this IMAX poster will give you an idea of what to expect from Holland’s Drake and the spiraling adventure that awaits him in the upcoming flick.

Apparently, the beloved Nate will get the opportunity to travel all around the world in the search of Ferdinand Magellan’s gold. From New York’s own Manhattan to European cities like Barcelona, Paris, and Rome, Holland’s character will be fighting against a ticking clock to claim the treasure for himself.

That’s not all, though, as the film will also include scenes in Giza, Agra, and even Singapore. You can see them all as pointed out by this new IMAX poster below:

Even if the film will run for more than two hours, Uncharted will have to be fast-paced with all of these set pieces, though only time will tell if this is a film that fans of the games will come to love.

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