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Watch: Final ‘Uncharted’ trailer pushes Tom Holland to the limit

The final trailer for Uncharted teases an action-filled movie for fans of Nathan Drake and Naughty Dog's highly popular game franchise.

The final trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Uncharted is here, and it shows off the film’s numerous set pieces and ambitious stuntwork.

On February 18, Tom Holland will make his debut as Nathan Drake, in an origin story of sorts for the legendary treasure hunter, who might be a bit too young to be running around the world. Standing in his way are dangerous folks, who are trying to beat him to the ultimate prize, the so-called “greatest treasure never found.”

But from what we’ve seen in the trailers and other promotional clips thus far, Holland’s Nathan will be more than a match for anyone who comes in his way.

The final trailer also highlights the insane set pieces that director Ruben Fleischer and his producers have incorporated into the film. From fancy parties to jumping around a ship that’s being carried in the air in the middle of the sea, Columbia Pictures has truly turned this outing into a visually stunning action-adventure story.

And let’s not forget the infamous airplane sequence, which features in the footage once again. Granted, the stunt admittedly undermines the laws of physics when you think too much about it, but it’ll no doubt be amazing to experience in theaters.

It’s still too early to speculate about whether the adaptation will receive acclaim from critics. More importantly, even if it does manage to satisfy both the media and the fandom, there’s no guarantee that it will gross enough money at the box office to get a green light on sequels. For now, though, we’ll try to remain cautiously optimistic.

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