Uncharted Movie Will Reportedly Introduce Nathan’s Parents


To say that the much rumored Uncharted film has had a rough time in development limbo would be a huge understatement. Having gone through six directors in the space of 13-or-so years, as well as witnessing several actors step away from the project, it’s clear that Sony has had a difficult time adapting the popular video game property to the silver screen.

Alas, with the recent news that Mark Wahlberg has once again climbed back aboard to play Drake’s loveable mentor Victor Sullivan, and that Tom Holland is not only attached, but genuinely adores the script, too, it’s looking very likely that the curse may’ve lifted on Sony’s video game-to-movie adaptation.

And perhaps even more exciting is that according to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that Hopper would return in Stranger Things season 4 and an Aladdin sequel is in the works, both of which have now been confirmed – we’ll finally get to see Nathan Drake’s parents in the upcoming movie and find out how they died. What’s more, we’ll also discover that his parents were treasure explorers, just like he is. Drake’s folks will apparently have a fairly big role, too.

For those who’ve played the PlayStation exclusive series, this will no doubt come as a bit of a surprise. Personally, as far as I can remember, though Drake’s parents are alluded to in both Uncharted 3 and 4, they never physically appear in the games proper.


Instead, according to the series, all we really know about Drake’s mother is that she was an archaeologist who died mysteriously when he was about five-years-old. On the other hand, even less is known about Drake’s father in-game, so fleshing out his background in a movie seems like a no-brainer. Long story short: it sounds like the upcoming pic’s narrative could focus a lot on Nathan Drake’s family, which would serve as an interesting piece of backstory for fans of the video game source material.

But tell us, do you think the Uncharted movie should remain in development hell for all eternity? Or are you one of the few folks excited about the project? Grab your treasure maps and let us know in the comments section down below.