Uncharted Original Voice Actor Throws Support Behind Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake

While the release of the upcoming Uncharted movie trailer gave some fans mixed feelings about Tom Holland helming a substantially younger version of the character Nathan Drake than what fans of the video game are used to, a bona fide authority on the matter is throwing down his support for Holland’s casting.

As CinemaBlend reports, actor Nolan North, who voiced Drake in the video games, thinks the new movie looks great and also had some fun poking at the age difference.

“Wow! I looked great in my twenties,” North tweeted. “@TomHolland1996 and @markwahlberg nailed the Drake-Sully dynamic in @unchartedmovie.”

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who was at one time attached to the project and thought to portray Drake, instead plays the hero’s older mentor, Sully.

Admittedly, Holland does have one of those perpetually younger-looking faces for a 25-year-old, so we’re not sure if he really deserves the flack he’s been getting. But it’s clear that even at that age, he’s still younger than his video game counterpart.

In addition, the film is set to serve as a sort of origin story, a move likely aimed at snagging both franchise fans and newcomers. If all goes well in this story, there may be future Uncharted movie installments that feature an older, more grizzled performance from Holland that more closely aligns with people’s expectations from the games.

The Uncharted games follow the Indiana Jones-like treasure hunter Drake and his friend Sully as they traverse the globe seeking fame and fortune while dodging bad guys along the way. The film is slated for release in theaters on Feb. 18, 2022.