Adam Sandler Still Gets Yelled At By Fans For Uncut Gems’ Ending

Uncut Gems

There’s a lot to love about Uncut Gems. From the nonstop suspense to the stellar performances, the action-packed crime thriller has endeared itself to many fans since its release last year.

Plenty of audience members, however, were left quite unsatisfied by the feature’s surprising conclusion. And according to Adam Sandler, he’s still getting shouted at by disgruntled viewers to this day. In his own words:

“I got yelled at the other day on the set, here, a guy telling me, ‘Man, why’d they do that to you at the end of Gems?’ Like, and I have to defend that ending. It had to happen.”

For those who haven’t seen the film yet, now might be a good time to stop reading since the rest of the article will contain spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Uncut Gems

The film’s star is, of course, referring to the infamous final scene where his character meets his unexpected demise. Following the protagonist’s huge gambling win on a three-way parlay, the victorious jeweller is immediately shot dead by the same people he owed money to. Yikes.

Regardless of this controversial ending, the flick has been praised by many as one of the best of Sandler’s extensive career. It dominated Netflix for weeks when it hit the streaming service back in May and has proven to many doubters that the legendary comedian can get serious when he wants to.

Despite being snubbed for an Academy Award nomination for the performance, he still received a lot of love from critics and the general public. The ending of Uncut Gems, though, isn’t something that many of us are likely to forget (or forgive) any time soon.