Adam Sandler Movies Continue To Dominate Netflix This Weekend

Adam Sandler

Most people would probably agree that Adam Sandler is one of the most divisive personalities in modern-day Hollywood. His movies usually do pretty well at the box office, and find themselves with tons of viewers if they’re Netflix exclusives, but his lowbrow comedic efforts often get destroyed by critics, who constantly call him out for phoning it in.

That being said, he’s more than capable of stepping outside his comfort zone to bring us strong dramatic performances, just like he did with the recent Uncut Gems. In fact, his work in the film was so good that many even thought he could end up with a Best Actor Oscar nod. Of course, that didn’t happen, but it’s still one of Sandler’s best efforts and it seems that Netflix subscribers agree.

Indeed, the movie has been dominating on the platform for almost a week now, but it’s not alone. Just Got With It, another of the actor’s films, has also found itself in the Top 10 list on Netflix for the past several days as well, proving that viewers just can’t get enough of Adam Sandler.

As of today, Uncut Gems sits at #1, with Just Got With It resting comfortably behind it, and you can see the entire list down below for what else is popular on Netflix right now.

Uncut Gems

Of course, the popularity of these two Sandler movies shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who’ve been keeping up. After all, not too long ago, we leaned that over two billion hours of the actor’s output have been streamed on Netflix since he inked that exclusive deal with them back in 2014.

Clearly, there’s a very loyal and hungry audience out there who are more than happy to indulge in Adam Sandler material, be it his more dramatic work or his comedic stuff. And for those fans, the good news is that he’s got a lot more on the way, with upcoming projects like Hubie Halloween and Dan Pan in the works, as well as a new movie with LeBron James.