An Underrated Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix

arnold schwarzenegger

Director David Ayer is well known for gritty, street level crime thrillers such as Training DayDark BlueHarsh TimesStreet Kings and End of Watch, while Arnold Schwarzenegger was cinema’s biggest action star for a very long time back in the 80s/90s. As such, everybody knew what to expect when they teamed up for 2014’s Sabotage, even if the original source material wasn’t exactly in either of their wheelhouses.

A very loose adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1939 novel And Then There Were None, Arnie plays John ‘Breacher’ Wharton, the leader of an elite DEA task force who steal $10 million from a drug cartel. But when the group’s members begin dying off through mysterious circumstances, they begin to turn on each other.

It’s hardly anything groundbreaking and certainly has its flaws, but with a solid cast that boasts Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Max Martini and Sam Worthington, there’s a good deal of entertainment to be found in Sabotage for those who dig action movies. Which is perhaps why it’s now finding new life on Netflix.

Sabotage arnold schwarzenegger

After being added to the platform just yesterdaySabotage is already the 6th most-watched film in the US. Given that gritty actioners typically play well on Netflix, and Arnold Schwarzenegger remains beloved by many, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the pic is performing strongly on streaming, and while its popularity on the site likely won’t have anyone praising it as being a top tier effort from the mega star, it’ll still provide a couple of solid hours of thrills nonetheless.

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