An Underrated Samuel L. Jackson Movie Hits Disney Plus This Week

Samuel L. Jackson

Only a diehard Samuel L. Jackson fan would go to the trouble of revisiting every single entry in his back catalogue, given that he’s got well over 150 credits to his name stretching across almost five decades on both film and television. The actor’s prolific approach to his career has seen him become the single highest-grossing star in the history of cinema, with his filmography having accrued a cumulative total of over $27 billion at the box office.

Naturally, his output runs the entire gamut from multi-billion dollar blockbusters and acclaimed dramas to B-tier action thrillers and more than a few underrated gems. Plenty of his big screen appearances have been completely forgotten about, though, and his collaboration with Tim Burton in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children certainly falls into that category.

Of course, the literary adaptation was far from a bomb, and after raking in $296 million from theaters back in 2016, it’s actually the sixth most successful effort of Burton’s entire career, while it was well received by the majority of critics. However, it didn’t puncture the zeitgeist in the same way as the filmmaker’s most famous works, despite fitting comfortably in the Batman director’s Gothic wheelhouse. Samuel L. Jackson plays the shapeshifting villain Mr. Barron in the movie, who wreaks havoc on the location run by Eva Green’s title character, and he has a great time chowing down on the scenery while wearing yet another in his illustriously long line of terrible wigs.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is coming to Disney Plus on Friday, and should find a decent audience given Burton’s reputation and the relative lack of fresh content on the platform now that WandaVision is over and Raya and the Last Dragon remains locked behind a paywall.