An Unexpected Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has got to be one of the busiest guys in Hollywood at the moment, with no less than thirteen films in various stages of development and a rapidly expanding business empire that he attends to quite frequently. Free time isn’t something that he has a lot of then, but at least two of his projects are now complete and ready to hit theaters, and one of them’s the sequel to a successful animated movie that many people probably forgot even existed.

Though it may not be discussed a whole lot anymore, The Croods premiered in March 2013 and brought in almost $590 million at the box office, even nabbing an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature. The prehistoric family flick scored positive reviews from critics as well, but despite its success, it never became a mega hit like some of Disney or Pixar’s efforts.

Still, a sequel is now on the way in the form of The Croods: A New Age, arriving in November after being the only notable release to be moved forward on the calendar when everything else is seemingly fleeing to next year, and in anticipation of its premiere, it seems a lot of fans are currently revisiting its predecessor. Or at least, that’s what the Netflix Top 10 most-watched movies list would have you believe.

Yes, squeaking in at number 10 is The Croods, meaning it’s currently the tenth most-watched film on the streaming site, and given that it’s competing with heavy hitters like Hubie Halloween and Enola Holmes, that’s certainly impressive. It’s not like it just hit the site today or even this week, either, so why it’s all of the sudden jumped in popularity is hard to say.

Aside from the fact, like we mentioned above, that perhaps people are catching up ahead of The Croods: A New Age. Whatever the case may be, though, it’s nice to see the Ryan Reynolds-starring flick getting some more attention and hopefully this renewed interest will serve its sequel well at the box office later this year.