Universal’s Doom Reboot Unveils Suitably Gory Set Photos

DOOM movie

DOOM movie

It’s going on 13 years since the original live-action Doom movie, and it seems the Powers That Be over at Universal are ready for another roll of the dice.

Production on Tony Giglio’s remaining just wrapped in Bulgaria, with Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time) taking point as the film’s de facto lead. She’ll battle demonic forces on Mars, and at least based on some newly-unveiled set photos, it appears all hell has broken loose on the Red Planet.

First spotted by Screen Rant, Giglio recently shared a couple of suitably gory pics from the Doom set, in which you’ll see a fairly nondescript hallway drenched in blood. There’s also a shot of Manson suited, booted and ready to kick demonic ass, though whether she stands a chance against the oncoming demons remains to be seen.

Story-wise, there are precious few details currently available for Universal’s rebooted Doom movie, but considering it’s being angled as a straight-to-video release, we imagine Giglio and his team are keeping things on the straight and narrow: blasters, demons, and a whole lot of blood.

Either way, it’s all but certain that the studio’s live-action reimagining will be buoyed by the runaway success of Bethesda’s own Doom reboot, which stripped away all of the superfluous story and game mechanics that defined recent installments – not to mention those scrapped plans for a Call of Duty-esque sequel – back in 2016 to focus on what makes Doom so special: fast and furious gunplay that’s built around Doomguy, a one-man wrecking ball capable of wiping out an entire hierarchy of bloodthirsty demons with nothing but grit, determination, and a sweet arsenal of weapons. Perhaps Amy Manson will take on a similar role?

More on Doom as the project nears its home video release.