Universal Hopes To Salvage Footage From Fast & Furious 7



As well all know by now, production on Fast & Furious 7 has been put on hold due to the tragic death of star Paul Walker. Universal hasn’t made an official decision just yet on how they plan to proceed but today we’re hearing that they are starting to work things out.

The studio has called in scribe Chris Morgan to re-work his script in order to use the footage that they’ve already shot of Walker. The goal is to resume shooting in late January and to find a way to kill off Walker’s character, Brian O’Conner, in an “honorable and sensible way.”

Though the opening action set piece had not been filmed yet, Walker had shot exactly half of his material, so Morgan does have something to work with. However, if he’s unable to find a way to change the script in a way that satisfies the studio, then they might be forced to start over. This option is still on the table as Universal won’t lose any money by doing so. Insurance firm Firemans’ Funds would foot the $150 million bill.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much time for a decision to be made as money is being lost on a daily basis since the production is on hold. For now though, nothing has been decided on and we still don’t have a new release date (the film was supposed to arrive this July but that obviously won’t be happening now).

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