Universal’s Vampire Adaptation Day Men Gets A Writer


Following the not-so-great first effort to revive their monster franchises (again) with Dracula Untold, Universal continues to prove that they won’t let bad reviews get them down. They will carry on doing what other studios do better, no matter what you say. In this vein, Universal is planning an adaptation of Boom! Studios’ Day Men, a vampire comic book with a twist, and they have now hired a writer to pen the tale.

Scribe Will Simmons has been tapped to pen the adaptation of Day Men, a story that treats not of the vampires themselves, but on the people who serve them. These “Day Men” do all the humdrum work that the vamps cannot do, what with their sleeping all day and turning to ash from the sun’s rays and all. What’s more, the vampires of Day Men are more like Mafia-style families, constantly at battle with each other for control over territories. The film will focus in on one Day Man who becomes a major force in a fight that breaks out between rival families.

Universal has not been doing so well with their supernatural/monster movies right now, despite continuing to plough ahead with a new version of The Mummy as part of their “Monsterverse.” We can presume that Day Men is not going to be a part of that monster-world, though it does seem oddly in keeping with the project to reinvent all the classic movie monsters in one massive, interconnected universe. Perhaps they will try to fold in these new vampires as well. It sounds like interesting stuff, even for the overdone world of vampirism.

We will keep you updated on Day Men developments as they happen. Let’s hope that Universal does this one right.