Not Greasy Enough: 2016’s Most Disturbing Movie Moments

Elephant Sex Party (The Brothers Grimsby)

Shock-comic Sacha Baron Cohen has never shied away from indecency, but a particular scene in The Brothers Grimsby paints a milky portrait of cruel visual perversion. Two words: elephant bukakee.

Cohen has no shame, and surprisingly, neither does his co-star Mark Strong. Together, as two brothers are on the run from assassins, they hide inside a cavernous elephant vagina to avoid capture, but find themselves pinned by a massive elephant dong that plugs their escape. In order to leave, they must stimulate the male elephant until climax, thus freeing their exit (among other things). Too bad there’s a line waiting outside.

Revolting. It’s like Cohen just re-watched Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and said “Yeah, we’re gonna do the rhino gag, but with real animals. And jizz.” So much animal semen. So. Much. Animal. Semen. The video is above for your “enjoyment” or whatever. We’ll warn you now though, this is one of those real “cannot unsee” moments that you’ll be haunted by every time your eyelids shut.