Vanessa Hudgens Rumored To Be Playing Catwoman In The Batman


Robert Pattinson was revealed to be Warner Bros.’ top choice for the new Caped Crusader last week and now, fresh rumors are speculating who could fill out the rest of the cast of director Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Including who may be the Selina Kyle to Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne.

The BYO Show YouTube channel is claiming that they were informed the former Twilight star was set to don the cape and cowl next back in January. Given that this has now turned out to be the case, they’ve decided to share the other casting intel they heard at the time, which includes that the studio’s top pick for Catwoman is Vanessa Hudgens.

Like Pattinson, Hudgens got her big break in a franchise that, while popular with teen viewers, isn’t known for being a critical darling (to put it nicely): High School Musical. Since then, however, she’s proven her range in projects such as Netflix’s Polar, Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills and Sucker Punch (from Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder). She’s even joined the DC universe before, in NBC’s short-lived sitcom Powerless, which saw her act opposite 1960s Batman Adam West.

Catwoman was previously reported to be part of The Batman‘s bumper line up of villains, as Reeves is supposedly including six of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery in the movie. The Penguin is said to be the main foe, with Selina Kyle in second place. The Riddler could then be the tertiary antagonist. Typically, Kyle isn’t presented as a total villain though, so we’d expect her to be playing both sides.

The Batman is said to be shooting at the end of this year, with its release date locked in for June 25th, 2021. While we wait for more concrete casting news, let us know your thoughts on Vanessa Hudgens potentially being the next Catwoman in the comments section down below.