Kingsman: The Golden Circle Isn’t Even Out Yet And Matthew Vaughn’s Already Planning The Next One


Kingsman: The Golden Circle isn’t released until the fall, but director Matthew Vaughn and Fox are so confident that its destined to be a smash hit that they’re already planning a second sequel. The director dropped the news at a Fox premiere event in London where he screened the first act of The Golden Circle (apparently it was amazing) and stayed around afterwards to chat about his plans for the franchise.

He casually revealed that he’d begun planning the third film while writing The Golden Circle, that it would tell “a surprising story” and that “no one could predict where Eggsy winds up.” Given that the second movie isn’t even close to release, it’s understandable that he’s playing his cards close to his chest, but hell, I’ll make a prediction as to where Eggsy will end up. How about… on a secret Kingsman moon base?

Nurturing Kingsman as a potential action lynchpin makes sense for Fox, as they need to start building up a few more bankable franchises. After all, James Cameron will release his Avatar sequels when he damn well pleases and not a second sooner, the venerable X-Men franchise is starting to look a little creaky again (time for another First Class style reboot?) and the less said about whatever the hell Fantastic Four was the better.

In the meantime, Kingsman: The Golden Circle looks set to continue the original’s winning streak, combining tweed n’ tea fetishism with Vaughn’s signature pop-inflected ultra-violence. Personally, I’m most curious as to how they’re going to bring back the definitely dead Colin Firth, who’s now wearing an eye patch. If you have any ideas, please let us know in the comments section.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theatres on September 29th.