Leaked Venom 2 Plot Details Tease The Rise Of Carnage


With Venom 2 filming in Leavesdon, England, some new plot details from the upcoming Sony superhero sequel have leaked online, giving us a hint at how Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady escapes from the Ravencroft Institute, which we found him in during Venom‘s post-credits scene. Read on with caution, though, as we’ll be revealing apparent plot points from the movie.

According to HN Entertainment, Kasady will start out due to be executed for his many murders when he manages to break out with the help of fellow inmate Shriek. Frances Louise Barrison has already been revealed to be acting as the secondary villain of the film, with Naomie Harris expected to play her, though this has yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, HNE reports that it’s unlikely Cletus has bonded with the Carnage symbiote by this point in the story.

As hinted at by a now-deleted post on Tom Hardy’s Instagram, Venom 2 will explore Kasady’s dark past. As per the comics, it’ll be revealed that Cletus burned down the orphanage he lived in as a boy, killing 12 people. HNE explains that Eddie Brock has investigated the orphanage’s destruction and linked those deaths to Kasady, adding to his already hefty criminal record. This is likely what makes it personal between Brock and Kasady and why the maniac goes after the reporter.

This is where the outlet’s information ends for now, so we still don’t know how he actually transforms into Carnage. However, if Cletus follows Brock to the orphanage and they have some altercation there, that could be where Venom leaves its offspring behind and Kasady finds it. In the comics, Brock and Kasady’s connection was that they shared a jail cell.

Venom 2 is directed by Andy Serkis and features Michelle Williams reprising her role as Ann Weying alongside Hardy and Harrelson. The Irishman star Stephen Graham is also on board in an as yet undisclosed part. It’s the second Sony Spider-Man related movie to come this year, following July’s Morbius, and you can catch it in cinemas from October 2nd.