Venom 2 Set Photos Offer Best Look Yet At Cletus Kasady’s New Haircut

Venom Poster Slice

Venom 2 recently relocated its shoot from the UK to San Francisco, and with it we’ve been getting our best look yet at what’s in store for Sony’s sequel to their hit 2018 symbiote superhero movie. For instance, an on-set snap from star Tom Hardy gave us our first glimpse at Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kassady, which told us that he’d been given a different wig from the faintly ridiculous one he sported in Venom‘s post-credits scene. In a surprise twist, though, his new one might be even crazier.

These latest pics from filming showcase director Andy Serkis giving the star some pointers during a shoot on the streets. And you can see that Harrelson’s rocking a very different haircut this time around, one that’s in sharp contrast to the big, unruly red ‘do he had when we last saw him. And he’s offsetting that with a fetching Hawaiian shirt. This guy’s sure got a unique sense of style, eh?

Harrelson is wearing this wig in one of those black and white behind-the-scenes images that arrived online over the weekend, but it was difficult to make it out in that photo. His hair also must clearly change throughout the movie as this is a different style from the one he had in Hardy’s set pic. Likewise, you can see in these images that Cletus is driving the red convertible that has been captured causing chaos on the roads in some set videos.

What with the villain and Venom himself being fully CG creations, we no doubt won’t get our first look at Kasady as Carnage until the first trailer arrives. And that should be here very soon. Presumably, a teaser trailer will land around March while the second look will debut alongside Sony’s Morbius in July. Venom 2 itself is then due to hit cinemas from October 6th. That means there’s less than eight months to go until we can see Harrelson’s bizarre wig on the big screen.