Watch: Cletus Kasady Causes Carnage In New Venom 2 Set Video


Venom 2 is on its way and, like Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady predicted in the first movie’s post-credits scene, there’s going to be carnage.

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock will this time face off against the second most famous symbiote from comics – Venom’s crimson-colored offspring Carnage, which bonds to serial killer Kasady. What with Carnage being a CG creation, we’ve yet to get a look at this form of the villain, but Hardy did recently share our first glimpse at Harrelson on set.

The pic confirmed what we all knew would happen, too. That being that Kasady would somehow get himself out of prison and cause havoc on the streets. And this new set video from production in the UK now gives us a little taste of that. The short clip of footage reveals a nighttime sequence involving the murderer driving recklessly. Is he being chased by cops or Brock, or is this just how Kasady gets his kicks?

Hardy’s set pic revealed that Harrelson would sport a new look as Cletus in Venom 2 as well, with his ridiculous wig from Venom‘s final scene replaced with something resembling actual human hair. He was also wearing a red Hawaiian shirt in the photo, which was surely a nod at his destiny as Carnage. The same thing goes for the bright red car he’s driving in this video.

Leaked plot details are pointing to Brock investigating Kasady’s case and attributing more murders to his record, which gets him sent down for execution. Kasady breaks out, however, and seeks revenge on the reporter. He’ll have a partner in crime as well in the form of Frances Barrison AKA Shriek, his girlfriend, who may be played by Naomie Harris.

Venom 2directed by Andy Serkis, is set to blast into theaters on October 2nd. Don’t miss it.

Source: Reddit