Venom 2 Might Be Delayed Now As Sony Shuffles Release Calendar


Venom was certainly a surprise smash hit for Sony back when it dropped into theaters in 2018. True, the studio no doubt had some confidence that a solo outing for a beloved anti-hero from the comics would do decent numbers, but it’s unlikely that anyone thought it would come close to earning $850 million at the box office.

But against all odds, the film was a huge success and really kicked into gear Sony’s plans to create a Marvel universe of their own. After all, the first trailer for Morbius has already revealed some interesting ties to Spider-Man: Homecoming and it looks like the formation of the Sinister Six is about to take place, with the group likely to do battle with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the not too distant future. Or least, that was the plan. But now, it looks like things are a bit up in the air as to the timeline of when this will all go down.

Venom 2 was set to land in October, with Andy Serkis getting behind the camera to replace Ruben Fleischer, but brings word tonight that the sequel may be delayed. You see, Sony has pushed back several major blockbusters, including Morbius, and will be placing them in fall 2020 or early 2021 release slots instead, which means the aforementioned sequel may unfortunately get caught in the crossfire, according to the outlet.

While Venom 2‘s release date hasn’t officially been delayed just yet, with all of this change-up going on now and so many movies losing their spots and having to find new ones, it’s possible that Eddie Brock’s second solo outing may find itself having to pick up and move to a new date, with its current one going to another film.

But for now, this is just speculation on’s part, it seems, as again, Venom 2 was not one of the pics mentioned in Sony’s announcement. And at this point, we can only hope that it’ll manage to hold onto its current October 2020 release date since we’ve already lost far too many comic book movies this year (see: Black WidowNew Mutants, etc.)