New Venom 2 Set Photos Tease Carnage’s Backstory


After the unexpected success of Venom, fans are excitedly looking forward to its sequel, which will introduce one of the most notorious villains from Spider-Man mythology: Carnage. Little is known about the first live-action version of the character who will appear in the film, other than the fact that he’s being played by Woody Harrelson, but we’re now starting to learn a bit more.

Recently, Tom Hardy posted a few photos from the set of the upcoming movie before deleting them, but some enterprising fans had already copied the images and posted them on social media. Seen in the gallery down below, the pics reveal Andy Serkis directing a scene set in a creepy environment on a dark, foggy night, while another one features the location to be the orphanage where Cletus Kasady was raised. This was the place where Cletus was taken to after he tortured the family dog, killed his grandmother, abused his mother and watched his father beat her nearly to death and then get sent to jail for it.

Even the orphanage could not hold the young psychopath for long, though. During the course of murdering the administrator, pushing his romantic crush out in front of a bus and burning down the orphanage itself, Cletus developed his life philosophy that nothing mattered, life is meaningless and carnage and destruction are the “ultimate freedom.”

Cletus would later come into contact with Eddie Brock, and it was during that time that the Venom symbiote produced an offspring, which fused with the serial killer to create the recurring villain Carnage, a more powerful and bloodthirsty version of Venom with focused hatred towards Eddie, the Venom symbiote and Peter Parker.

In the comics, the orphanage was revealed when Spider-Man fought Carnage at his former home. Since Spidey does’t exist yet in the world of Venom though, his role will likely be taken over by Eddie Brock, as he arrives at the orphanage to confront Cletus and Carnage in what’s sure to be an epic symbiote battle.

Source: Twitter