Venom Cast And Crew Tease Carnage And She-Venom


Badass as the upcoming Venom movie may appear, none of can be too sure of how it’ll go over with general audiences and critics. But if it does prove to be a smash hit and rakes in a nice amount of dough at the box office, then odds are that a sequel or sequels will follow.

If that’s the case, then there’s certainly a lot of source material for Hollywood to mine. More than likely knowing this, director Ruben Fleischer was willing to tease us with the following while speaking with Total Film, the very same publication that asked Tom Hardy to weigh in on the DC vs. Marvel debate:

“There are other villains in the movie too – we’re definitely planning a big world with these characters.”

Though it may appear as though Carnage won’t be showing up in the first outing as many True Believers had hoped, Fleischer plays it coy when it comes to that topic:

“I think it’ll be really fun for fans to go see the movie and see for themselves.”

Having read that, I think we should pay close attention for whatever Easter eggs or foreshadowing the film may have in store, not to mention the possibility of a post-credits scene. To be honest, I’m a little surprised that Carnage wasn’t the chief antagonist this time around, but we’ll probably see him sooner rather than later.

Speaking of which, actress Michelle Williams also seems more than willing to broaden this universe, as she’s seemingly game for allowing her character of Anne Weying to become She-Venom like her comic book counterpart:

“She-Venom would be a dream come true!”

Venom opens in theaters on October 5th. Whether the likes of Poison, Anti-Venom or, dare I say, Gwenom show up in future installments though remains to be seen.