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Venom Co-Creator Reveals The Changes He’d Make For The Sequel

Comic book mainstay Todd McFarlane has shared some of the changes he'd make in a Venom sequel, beginning with the symbiote's gnarly teeth.

Venom is not a perfect movie. Hell, you could even go so far as to suggest that Sony’s standalone superhero romp is a chaotic mess, but one thing’s for sure: it delivered one helluva performance from Tom Hardy.

The Mad Max: Fury Road actor essentially straddled the line between Eddie Brock and the Sinister Symbiote – between human and demon – resulting in some truly spectacular scenes, as the unsuspecting Eddie began to mutate into the inky-black monstrosity we know and fear. And yet, there was a general consensus that Venom‘s CGI was somewhat underwhelming – dated, even – leading comic book scribe Todd McFarlane to propose his own alterations that he would make in the inevitable sequel.

Via Collider:

Yeah, but it would be nitpicky stuff that I don’t think the average person would pay attention to. I would make the teeth a little more inconsistent. I’m a fan of animal teeth. There’s different ways to do it – they rot, they sit in different ways… ’cause they don’t get to go to dentists. So they don’t get to come out perfect. And then I always drew the eyes a certain way, you know? But that’s a ‘Todd’ thing, not an ‘audience’ thing.

We say inevitable because, after collecting $850 million worldwide, Sony and Marvel Studios will surely be weighing up the potential of another spinoff movie for the Sinister Symbiote. Indeed, last we reported, it was understood Tom Hardy had signed a three-picture deal, and McFarlane believes that keeping Hardy on board is the first step to nailing Venom 2.0.

Right. There was a presence to him – when you saw Tom Hardy’s head inside of [the symbiote] as Eddie Brock, yes! The creation of Venom is an accident. I’ve said it before, and I’ll tell you again: I was doing comic books, I was doing The Hulk, and I cam into the Spider-Man office. The editor says, ‘Hey Todd, you can do work, I’ll give you the Black Costume Spider-Man. But, to me, that wasn’t Spider-Man… so we decided to strip it off him and create a new character.

And so, Venom was born. The somewhat divisive Spider-Man spinoff is already available across digital platforms, and will slither onto both Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, December 18th – just in time for Christmas. It’s also packed with special features for those wanting to know a little bit more about the creation of Ruben Fleischer’s superhero bonanza.

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