Awesome Venom Fan Art Imagines Spider-Man Wearing The Black Suit


We’re all excited to see what Tom Hardy does in Sony’s upcoming Venom, but Marvel fans have one big gripe with it: the studio clinging on to the rights for the character means we won’t see the villain in the MCU. What’s more, the same applies to Tom Holland wearing the black symbiote suit in the franchise as well. There were rumors that there could be some sort of crossover, but the chances of that were recently put to bed for good.

At least we’ve got a talented fan artist though who can render some great artwork which imagines what a modern version of Spidey’s symbiote suit might look like. Seen below is Boss Logic’s latest piece, which has taken the recent EW Venom promo image and edited it so that it closely matches the original comic book black suit, which debuted in the Secret Wars story arc.

The artist’s removed Venom’s savage mouth and added a white version of the Spider symbol to his chest as well, and we must say, it looks pretty good.

As you may know, Venom was born in the comics when Peter Parker realized the symbiote was negatively effecting him and got rid of it. The creature then bonded with disgraced Daily Bugle reporter Eddie Brock instead and became the wallcrawler’s most dangerous nemesis, as both the man and the symbiote had a reason to get revenge on Peter.

Due to the absence of Spider-Man from its storyline, Venom will come up with a fresh version of Eddie’s origins. The trailers have hinted that this involves his investigation into the shady Life Foundation, which ends up with him being infected with the alien symbiote they’re experimenting on. Director Ruben Fleischer has also teased that the pic will depict the duality of Eddie and the creature as similar to the protagonist of a werewolf movie.

Black Spider-Man suit or not, Venom crawls into cinemas on October 5th.