Venom Producer Is Open To Future MCU Crossovers


We’re less than a week away from the new Venom movie completing its journey to cinemas, and the team behind Eddie Brock’s first standalone feature remain coy about the possibility of a future crossover with the MCU.

Speaking to LRM, producer Matt Tolmach explained that the film was intended to exist separately from the escapades of Peter Parker and his fellow superheroes, but that’s not to say that the murderous symbiote couldn’t one day cross paths with some of Disney’s characters.

“The truth is we set out to make a standalone movie. It is a standalone Venom movie. The opportunities are wide open in terms of storytelling, but we made a movie about Eddie Brock and Venom, and it lives in the world of Venom right now. It’s a standalone. But we can do lots of things, and we’ll see where the next story takes this.”

You may not like the vagueness of this answer, but this is probably about as clear a statement as we’ll get on the matter for the time being. Though rumors were going round earlier this year of a cameo from Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland in the upcoming flick, that possibility seems increasingly less likely as the release date approaches, with Tom Hardy recently downplaying the idea of an MCU crossover, while pointing out that even without Venom’s most famous foe in the mix, Sony still has “a Venomverse and 900 characters to play with.”

Still, director Ruben Fleischer certainly seems game for one day orchestrating a showdown between Hardy and Holland, so if all goes well with this new film, then surely Sony and Disney can work out a way to make this happen. Either way, the studio’s banking on Venom being the first building block in a cinematic universe of its own, and we’ll find out if the film is up to the challenge when it hits theaters on October 5th.

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