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Tom Hardy Goes Berserk In Leaked Venom Set Video

Yet another pre-CG set video for Venom has crawled online, and this one appears to show Tom Hardy wrestling the titular alien symbiote.

For a film that hasn’t yet shown its wares – unless you count that official CCXP posterVenom has been placed under a pretty intense spotlight.

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Currently lensing across parts of Atlanta, New York and, according to Omega Underground‘s latest findings, San Francisco, the Ruben Fleischer-directed spinoff has been a constant point of fixation among comic book fans, who continue to uncover one set video after another depicting Tom Hardy in the title role.

The Dark Knight Rises star sent the Internet into a collective tailspin when he agreed to play Eddie Brock, and ever since, budding viewers have been keeping one ear to the ground in the search for potential story clues. That relentless probe for information has resulted in nine kinds of Venom-related conspiracies, but today brings forth a tangible piece of intel worth getting excited about: a leaked set video that appears to show Hardy wrestling with the alien symbiote.

First spotted by Reddit, the footage essentially shows Tom Hardy going berserk – arms gesticulating, head spinning, this is an early peek at the actor’s performance, which is said to be one for the ages.

Story-wise, we know Venom is poised to adapt two comic arcs: Planet of the Symbiotes and Lethal Protector. The former fan-favorite first released in ’95, and follows Eddie Brock as he forms an uneasy alliance with Spider-Man in order to clear his name. David Cronenberg (The Fly) and John Carpenter (The Thing), two giants of world cinema, have also been name-dropped in the past, which tells us that Ruben Fleischer will be combing through the film archives so as to mine inspiration for Venom‘s body-horror elements.

And we’ll be able to see the end result on October 5th, 2018 – you know, providing it isn’t leaked online ahead of time.