Venom Towers Over San Francisco On Awesome New Poster


The alien symbiote at the center of the upcoming Venom movie has a pretty twisted diet that apparently includes the heads of trembling criminals, so it only figures that he would have the menacing tongue to match, right?

That’s something which is on full display on the latest poster for Sony’s spinoff, which is quickly approaching its October 5th release date, and don’t we know all about it. In the past few weeks, the studio’s brought us a whole bunch of promo material – TV spots, photos, posters, you name it – and their marketing barrage continues today with a new one-sheet that you can see down below.

Featuring the titular symbiote towering over the Golden Gate Bridge, with Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams pictured under him, it’s far from the most spectacular poster you’ll ever lay eyes on, but it’s another welcome look at what’s shaping up to be one of the fall’s most anticipated films.

While there’s not much to object to in this new image, some of the promotion we’ve been seeing hasn’t been met with the greatest response from fans. For instance, the criticism received by the first Venom trailer for its lack of Venom got to the point where director Ruben Fleischer felt the need to defend the marketing team, explaining that the symbiote’s visual effects weren’t yet ready. Though subsequent trailers certainly gave us a lot more of the film’s titular antihero, Hardy’s notorious ‘turd in the wind’ line continues to draw snickers.

Still, the advertising for next month’s release can’t have been that off-putting, seeing how Venom‘s currently on pace to break a few box office records. Whether it’ll be able to do enough damage to warrant the rest of the spinoffs that the studio has planned for us remains to be seen, but we’re hopeful that it’ll at least be a more enjoyable outing for the sinister symbiote than Spider-Man 3 was.