Netflix Users Say Its New Movie Makes Fifty Shades Of Grey Look PG

Fifty Shades Freed

Netflix subscribers don’t quite know what to make of 365 Dni, a Polish drama that includes a number of disturbing sex scenes between a mafia hitman and his hostage that isn’t like anything else the streamer has offered in the past.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the source material – which is very likely considering most Americans had never even heard of this foreign film until it joined the streamer’s library only a few days ago – 365 Dni, also known simply as 365 Days, follows a businesswoman named Laura who finds herself kidnapped and imprisoned by a fearsome mob boss while holidaying in Sicily.

Dni, which can also be viewed by Netflix subscribers over in the UK, includes a number of disturbing sex scenes that involve a hefty amount of BDSM, and which have caused some controversy over on this side of the globe.

To be sure, American cinema is no stranger to sex. Classics like American Pie, The 40 Year Old Virgin and numerous other raunchy teen films of the sort feature tons of it. The difference between America and Europe, however, is that lust – as indicated – is usually the stuff of comedy.

365 Dni

Even some of the most risqué films to have come out of the Hollywood circuit in recent years, like the adaptations of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades series, cannot begin to prepare viewers for what they’ll see in 365 Dni. Don’t believe us? Just see below for some of the reactions going around on Twitter.

Although the relationship at the center of Fifty Shades can be considered toxic at times, its sadomasochistic element is much weaker than its romantic one. A few feminist readings notwithstanding, the heroine of James’ franchise is believed to enter relations with sexy CEO Christian Grey out of her own volition.

In the case of Laura, that is – of course – not so. A prisoner, she’s forced into sexual relations against her will, and the psychological terror she experiences as a result forms the central concept that 365 Dni is trying to explore, no matter how difficult or distasteful that exploration may be.