3 Villains For Next Spider-Man Trilogy Reportedly Revealed


So far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man series has made a deliberate effort to utilize villains that audiences have never seen in live-action before. Of course, that hot streak comes to an end now that the multiverse is in play, and if every shred of rumor and speculation is to be taken as gospel, then any bad guy to have appeared for even a split second in one of the previous seven Spidey blockbusters will be returning for another bite at the cherry in Spider-Man 3.

As it stands, Jamie Foxx’s Electro is the only antagonist to have been officially confirmed by the studio, while Alfred Molina is virtually guaranteed to appear at this point, but everyone else should have a very large question mark placed next to their name. The guessing game surrounding Spider-Man 3 may be far from over, then, but tipster Mikey Sutton is already claiming to have revealed the villains for Tom Holland’s next trilogy, which will reportedly take place during Peter Parker’s college years.

According to the insider, the triumvirate of terrors will be Venom, Kingpin and Man-Wolf. The former wouldn’t be surprising given that the entire point of the SPUMC seems to be having Toms Hardy and Holland either face off or team up in the future, while the latter seems the most far-fetched. The connection between Peter Parker, his costumed alter ego and J. Jonah Jameson is already established, true, but his son John turning into a werewolf and terrorizing people seems a little too out there, even for a Spider-Man blockbuster.

Kingpin is the most interesting, though, and the most likely, because not only has Wilson Fisk been heavily linked with the MCU for years, but Daredevil star Vincent D’Onofrio has made it perfectly clear that he’s waiting for the call to throw on the pristine white suit again.

But tell us, would you like to see any of these villains show up to cause trouble for Peter Parker? Let us know down below.