Vin Diesel Posts First Photo From Set Of The Last Witch Hunter


Shooting has started on The Last Witch Hunter, the latest fantasy action skirmish from The Crazies director Breck Eisner. With action star and tree-voiceover artist Vin Diesel in the lead, it stands to reason that he’ll take to social media to drip feed fans with tidbits from the set. And sure enough, the first pic snapped of the musclebound actor was posted to his Facebook page today, complete with the caption:

“13th Century Kaulder…. The Last Witch Hunter begins…”

Kaulder is the name of the hunter he’ll be playing and by the ’13th century’ affix we may see him across many eras. Judging by the looks of things it’s pretty nippy in the 13th century. If you were expecting an exposition-tastic image, alas, you may be letdown. Prepare to be greeted instead by a lovely shot of Vin Diesel with a Shetland pony mane draped across his shoulders.

The script was written by Dallas Buyer’s Club‘s Melissa Walack and Priest‘s Cory Goodman. In the flick, the immortal witch hunter faces his biggest challenge to date: having to join forces with a woman to stop the New York City covens from bringing about a plague on Earth. The woman in question is his life-long foe, interestingly enough played by Game Of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie (“You know nothing, Jon Snow”). I say interesting, because the actress may indeed be in yet another relationship with a chap she’s hated for generations. Also on board are Maniac‘s Elijah Wood and acting stalwart, Michael Caine, who presumably needs a new yacht.

The Last Witch Hunter will be released by Lionsgate at some point in 2015.

Source: Vin Diesel