Vin Diesel reflects on the legacy of ‘Fast & Furious’ ahead of awards season

Fast and Furious 9

A mega budget action franchise that lost its grip on reality, logic, common sense and physics a decade ago isn’t typically what you’d consider an awards season contender, but let’s not forget that there are plenty of other trophies out there not decided upon by a committee of snobbish elites.

When fans are put in charge of choosing victors, then Fast & Furious instantly becomes a front-runner. After all, they’ve already voted with their wallets by ensuring the ninth installment became the highest-grossing Hollywood movie to be released since the end of 2019, and Vin Diesel is betting big on that goodwill extending to the People’s Choice Awards.

Hopping onto Instagram to deliver a heartfelt message that wasn’t coded or vague for a change, the lover of tank tops and family reflected on how far Fast & Furious has come since its humble origins 20 years ago, as you can see below.

We’ve got two more entries in the mainline Fast Saga still to go, with the concluding chapter arriving in theaters in April 2023, but Diesel has optimistically put the feelers out there in a desperate attempt to reintegrate Dwayne Johnson back into the fold. Whether he returns or not, fans are already bracing themselves for the beginning of the end for Fast & Furious.