Vin Diesel Updates Us On All-Female Fast & Furious Spinoff

fast furious vin diesel 9

This summer’s Fast & Furious 9 is reportedly the penultimate entry in what has recently been rebranded as The Fast Saga, with all of the major players indicating that the main story arc of Dominic Toretto and his extended family will wrap up after ten movies and 21 years next April. However, that doesn’t mean that Universal are simply going to let their most lucrative cash-cow ride off into the sunset.

With almost $5.9 billion at the box office, The Fast Saga is one of the biggest and most popular franchises in the history of the business, having successfully reinvented itself a decade ago from a mid-budget street racing series into blockbuster behemoths that defy both logic and gravity. Last year’s Hobbs & Shaw made over $750 million globally, showing that audiences still have the appetite for adventures set in the world that don’t feature Vin Diesel and the vast majority of the ensemble, which indicates that spinoffs will be the studio’s way of keeping the brand alive once Fast & Furious 10 comes to an end.

One of the spinoffs that’s been rumored for a while now is a standalone adventure centered around the female members of the cast, with Vin Diesel confirming as far back as 2017 that the project was in development. And in a recent interview to celebrate the release of F9’s debut trailer, Fast and Furious‘ leading man and creative driving force revealed that the first draft of the script is nearly complete.

“I’ve created a female spinoff, and that script comes in next month. So we will see.”

Co-star Nathalie Emmanuel also sounded enthusiastic when asked about it, but comparing it to one of the most notorious box office disasters of 2019 probably wasn’t the greatest choice of words.

“It would be cool to have like a sort of Charlie’s Angels-type vibe with all the women. I think that’s kind of fun.”

Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that certain sections of the internet would have their issues with a Fast & Furious movie led entirely by women, but it isn’t like the franchise doesn’t have the star power to pull it off. Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster have been part of the crew since the very beginning, and when you also consider the likes of Nathalie Emmanuel, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Vanessa Kirby and Eva Mendes, that’s already a stacked cast that all have strong pre-existing links to the main saga.