Han Might Be Getting His Own Fast & Furious Spinoff


It would be an understatement to say that Fast & Furious fans were thrilled to discover that #JusticeForHan had been served when the ninth installment of the long-running franchise dropped the first trailer several days ago. Ever since Sung Kang’s fan-favorite was killed off by Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw in the post-credits scene of the sixth movie, only for Dominic Toretto and his family to seemingly forget about the fact that he murdered one of their own and accept Shaw into their crew with open arms, the fanbase has been demanding that the controversial decision be directly addressed.

Those prayers were answered and then some, when Han casually strolled into the middle of the debut promo, with no further mention of how he’s seemingly returned from the dead. In fact, a recently-released character poster even leans heavily into the #JusticeForHan controversy, with the hashtag itself becoming an official part of the movie’s marketing.

With The Fast Saga set to wrap up with the tenth installment, which hopefully sends the gang into space – because otherwise, what’s the point? – Universal will no doubt be looking at how to continue milking their most lucrative cash-cow for a while longer. It seems likely that the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff franchise will continue given that the first entry made over $750 million worldwide, but sources close to We Got This Covered have told us that Han might be getting his own solo outing eventually, too.

Coming from the same sources who tipped us off about John Cena’s top-secret role in Fast & Furious 9 long before it was revealed in the trailer, and who told us about Han’s return six months ago, we’re hearing that while there isn’t a script just yet, Universal are developing another spinoff film that will reunite Han with Gal Gadot’s Gisele (who’s apparently also set to make a surprise return in a future Fast movie, from what we’ve heard).

The intel we’ve gotten makes it sound as though the studio are looking at doing several spinoffs once the main Fast & Furious franchise comes to an end, and though details are scarce on what exactly this project would revolve around, it seems it’d follow the franchise’s template pretty closely and be another action-packed blockbuster starring the two aforementioned characters. Clearly, though, it’s only in the earliest stages of development at this time and we don’t know much more than what we’ve already told you, but once we learn exactly what’s being planned, we’ll be sure to let you know.