Dom And Han Share A Moment In New Fast & Furious 9 Photos

fast furious vin diesel 9

If there are two things you can always count on in a Fast & Furious movie, it’s Vin Diesel wearing a vest and a frown. When he’s not mumbling about family and defying the very laws of physics and gravity with his antics behind the wheel, Dom Toretto is famously a man who has no time for sleeves, even two decades ago when it was still a street racing franchise instead of a ludicrous series of action blockbusters.

The debut trailer for the ninth installment promised the sort of balls to the wall madness that’s turned The Fast Saga into one of Hollywood’s most beloved and lucrative properties, but little did fans know back then that they’d still be waiting to see it for themselves over a year later. In fact, by the time F9 hits theaters at the end of May, which hopefully it does, almost sixteen months will have passed since the first footage dropped.

As the marketing campaign slowly begins to ramp up for what technically marks the penultimate chapter before the epic two-part finale, two new images have now been revealed that show the chrome domed action star sharing a moment with Han and standing alongside Letty.

It seems Dom isn’t happy that Sung Kang’s character has returned from the dead, but the fans are thrilled about it, and that’s who these movies are made for. New addition John Cena thinks Fast & Furious 9 is well worth a trip to the theater, too, and based on the fact that the last two installments made well over a billion dollars each, there are clearly a lot of people that would agree with him.