New Fan Art Turns Jon Hamm Into The Batman


Is former Mad Men star Jon Hamm destined to become the next Batman?

In his own words, the actor has “never had a conversation with anybody about it,” but there is now a groundswell of support backing Jon Hamm to don the cape and cowl as Gotham’s Dark Knight – even Josh Gad is banging the drum in Hamm’s favor.

We know Kit Harington and Ryan Gosling are ostensibly out of the running, while Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac is seemingly no longer in contention for the vacant (?) role of Bruce Wayne. That leaves Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves casting the net in search of their new Batman, particularly now that Ben Affleck appears closer to the exit door than ever before.

So perhaps Jon Hamm will be the one to swoop in and pick up where Batfleck left off? This vintage new piece from BossLogic certainly believes so, whose reputation for high-quality artwork at the drop of a hat precedes him.

Given his Mad Men credentials, Jon Hamm already has a vast amount of experience playing a brash, brooding business magnate, though at 47 years young, he may be a little older than what Matt Reeves had in mind for his standalone Batman movie.

It’s one that will supposedly light the fuse on a brand new trilogy for the Caped Crusader – the first since Christopher Nolan’s movie masterclass – so we’re intrigued to see how Reeves approaches his long-in-development project and, perhaps more importantly, who he casts as Gotham’s Dark Knight.

We should have some tangible answers before long, too, as The Batman is expected to begin filming sometime next year, by which point Warner Bros. will be ready to welcome both Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 into the wider DC universe.