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Kill Bill Star Wants MCU Actress To Play Her Daughter In Vol. 3

Should Quentin Tarantino ever decide to make another Kill Bill, one of its stars know who should play her character's adult daughter.

Kill Bill

In an interview with NME, Vivica A. Fox said that, should Quentin Tarantino ever decide to make another Kill Bill, she would like actress Zendaya to portray her character’s adult daughter.

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Released in two installments over the course of two years, the Kill Bill franchise tells the story of an assassin looking to avenge her own death by murdering her former boss. Both Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill: Volume 2 feature all the hallmarks of a Tarantino film. The action is outrageously violent, the plot confusingly non-linear and the dialogue delightfully specific, covering both everything and nothing at the same time. Fox plays Vernita Green, one of titular assassin-master Bill’s fearless female killers, and in the first installment, she meets her death at the hands of her ex-colleague, played by Uma Thurman.

Kill Bill

Although Zendaya’s much younger than Fox, she’s already made quite the career for herself. Starring as Peter Parker’s love interest in the MCU’s last two Spider-Man films, she’s also landed lead roles in productions such as the HBO series Euphoria. And given her popularity with younger audiences, Fox thinks her the best possible choice to play Vernita’s daughter. The casting decision, she says, “would probably green light this project. Because her and Uma [Thurman] are both very tall, and it would just be kick-butt, and I love her.”

Of course, fans have been begging Tarantino to make another Kill Bill movie for years, but the director – an auteur in an age where Hollywood has become more money-focused than ever before – won’t budge. At least, not yet. Still, we wouldn’t completely rule it out and with any luck, we’ll get one final chapter in this most beloved series. And if we do, we certainly wouldn’t mind if Zendaya were to show up in it in some capacity.