Wade Wilson Thanks You For Seeing Deadpool 2 In New Promo


Deadpool 2 is here and, thankfully, it’s proven to be a worthy follow-up to the original smash hit from 2016. Yes, the reception to it has been a bit more divisive than its predecessor, as some fans think it’s inferior to the last film while others see it as an improvement, but generally speaking, the Merc’s second coming has turned out to be another commercial and critical success for Fox.

After so much hype and even those reports suggesting that it might a failure due to its purported poor test screenings, the pic scored a massive opening and while it failed to beat the original, $125 million stateside for an R-rated movie is certainly nothing to scoff at. As such, both Wade Wilson and the studio are now feeling thankful for everyone who came out to support DP’s latest big screen adventure and today, Fox has released a fun little promo to show their appreciation.

Seen above, it spoofs The Golden Girls credits and theme song, with footage from Deadpool 2 spliced in. It’s a cute, humorous video that certainly falls in line with all the marketing we’ve got from the film to date, and though it’s mostly made up of stuff we’ve already seen in the movie itself, it might just entice people to head to theaters this weekend for a second helping.

With Deadpool 2 now having proven itself just as successful as its predecessor – more or less – all attention will soon turn towards what’s next. If Ryan Reynolds is to be believed, though, that probably won’t be a third solo outing for the Merc, as the actor’s all but ruled out a Deadpool 3. That’s certainly a shame, but with X-Force on the horizon and Fox said to have big plans for the franchise as a whole, fans needn’t worry about the Merc with a Mouth disappearing from their screens for too long.

Buoyed by its impressive opening ($301M worldwide), Deadpool 2 is now bracing for its second weekend at the box office, where it’ll face stiff competition from Solo: A Star Wars Story. How it’ll fare remains to be seen, but take to the comments section down below and let us know if you plan on checking it out again.