The Walking Dead Producer Says A Maggie Movie Is Definitely Possible


Last night was Rick Grimes’ final episode of The Walking Dead and as you surely know by now, Andrew Lincoln’s fearless leader lived to see another day. And see another day he will, as AMC is planning a trilogy of movies starring the actor which will continue Rick’s story and show us new, unseen parts of this walker infested world.

But could any of the other characters get the same treatment? After all, we know that Lauren Cohan won’t be sticking around full-time as Maggie anymore as she’s got other commitments she needs to attend to. So, could we possibly see her story continued in a feature film as well? recently put that very question to producer Scott M. Gimple and here’s what he said:

“That is absolutely a possibility. I will say that Angela [Kang] and I and others really want to see Maggie back on the show. We have a lot of story for her that we want to tackle and we’ve talked about different ways we can do it. That said, if Whiskey Cavalier lights up the world, we’re still going to do Maggie stuff. We’re just going to figure out different ways to do it. It might be me shooting Lauren in between scenes of Whiskey Cavalier, of Maggie in a post-apocalyptic Prague [where Whiskey Cavalier is filming].”

While this isn’t a firm confirmation that Maggie will get her own film, it’s clear that AMC still has a lot of interest in working with Lauren and intends on continuing to tell her character’s story. How exactly they’ll go about doing that remains to be seen, but it’s nice to hear that they won’t forget about her.

And as for Rick’s movies, well, details on what exactly they’ll entail remain under wraps, but as The Walking Dead season 9 soldiers on without Andrew Lincoln leading it, it’ll be fascinating to see where the network takes us next and where things go from here. Because rest assured, though Mr. Grimes may be gone (for now), the franchise’s future is brighter than ever.

Source: EW

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