The Walking Dead Star Says Joaquin Phoenix Is Going To Kill It As The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

When the standalone Joker movie was first announced, a lot of people didn’t really know what to make of it – and understandably so – with the film existing in its own separate continuity from the ongoing escapades of the DCEU. And despite an abundance of set photos and videos making their way onto the web, it still remains to be seen whether or not star Joaquin Phoenix and War Dogs helmsman Todd Phillips can really pull this thing off.

One person who certainly thinks they can though is The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Speaking to The IMDb Show recently, the fan favorite actor had nothing but good things to say about his old friend Phoenix, telling the outlet that he’s going to kill it in the role.

“I can’t wait to see what Joaq does in Joker, I’m excited by that. I’ve known him for a long time and he’s just super talented. But I think a role where you can just really twist it and mess with you, is like his dream role. I think he’s gonna just kill it.”

Obviously, this is all very subjective, and though we’ve heard similar things from other insiders as well, we won’t blame you if you want to hold onto your doubts that the director of The Hangover Part III has a Joker movie this good in him. After all, we’ve yet to really see a whole lot of official material from the film and for those who are still on the fence, you can expect the first proper trailer to be a true make or break moment.

Again, though, reports so far have offered up tons of praise for the script, not to mention Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as the Clown Prince of Crime, too. As such, we’ll remain hopeful that DC’s got a hit on their hands here and we’ll find out for sure if Joker can deliver on the early buzz when the film arrives on October 4th, 2019.

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